The best little investment you'll ever make.

Fitness Insight Tracker, referred to as FIT60, is the open-ended, workout journal flexible enough for all types of workouts, exercises, and goals. From competitions and tryouts to vacations and weddings, FIT60 drives discipline, motivation, and structure to keep you focused and working out.

Simple to use. Powerful structure. It's what you need.

Who Loves FIT60?

  • Bodybuilders and fitness models
  • Olympic and powerlifters
  • Cross-fit athletes
  • Boxers and MMA fighters
  • Athletes that have a tryout
  • Players that need to get stronger
  • Football, baseball, team players
  • Swimmers and runners
  • College students
  • Singles planning a beach vacation
  • The bride and groom
  • Moms that want to get fit
  • Dads that need to workout again
  • Active seniors
  • People who want a push

When preparing for big life events - competitions, tryouts, sports seasons, college semesters, vacations, weddings, medical recovery, aging, and the desire to get fit - this is the perfect workout journal like none other.

The Best Workout Pages!

  • Open-ended layout for any workout
  • Only journal with numbered workouts
  • 13 entries for any exercise type
  • Track 78 sets per workout
  • More entries than most other books!
  • Big spacing – easy to read and write
  • Easy format that just makes sense

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Goals and Planning

  • Declare your goals, the plan, and results
  • Open format for any plan
  • Establish a deadline and work towards it
  • Plan and track workouts in the calendar
  • Track workouts by number and type
  • A beginning, middle, and end
  • An archive for review and future planning

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Motivation and Discipline

  • 60 motivational quotes
  • Designed to focus you in your timeframe
  • Uniquely structured for 60 workouts
  • Motivation to complete in 10 to 16 weeks
  • Track up to 90 personal best records
  • Progress tracking and accountability
  • Body measurements before, during, after
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More Reasons to Choose FIT60:

Don’t choose a workout book on how many pages it has. That's shortsighted. Rather, choose based on the value it brings for achieving goals by the deadline you’ve set. Structure and motivation matter more.

  • Built for your defined timeframe
  • Even more pages than shown
  • Pages are clear with easy direction
  • Easy to read and write
  • Track all supplements that you use
  • Take notes throughout
  • A complete picture of your journey
  • Guide to be a better gym citizen
  • Users contribute their suggestions
  • Users contribute motivation quotes
  • Users get published
  • Social media community
  • A great gift for little cost
  • Motivate someone to workout

It's uniquely designed for a 10 to 16 week lead time from your deadline, requiring 60 workouts and attention to important details to guide your preparation and attain your goals. No other workout journal is like this.

And, this book has personality : )

How the Book Stacks Up:

  • 6” x 9” compact size
  • Big enough for easy writing
  • Glossy, stiff, color covers
  • Water resistant covers
  • Rounded corners to eliminate snags
  • 80lb (120 GSM) thick paper
  • Heavy, no bleed, inside pages
  • Durable, metal wire binding
  • 360 degree folding for easier writing
  • Attractive, professional design
  • High quality printing
  • Shrink wrapped for shipping

A high quality product that we're super proud of.

Made in the U.S.A.

This workout journal is printed, professionally designed, and supported in the United States.

Inspired, conceived, and tested by workout enthusiasts in the U.S., this product employs American workers. Thank you for supporting us.

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